Sunday, June 18, 2023

Run the World (Girls)

It's been said for generations that women are the fairer sex. Even the Oxford dictionary says: 'women viewed collectively'. 

 It's been bad enough that an old English university tells it like it is - even though it is just a false statement. They just define the terms, not create them. 

Unfortunately, SCOTUS now gets to weigh in on this. 

A private school is trying to require women to wear skirts. I get it's a forced dress code issue, but it goes to a different level. 


I get it's the South and they are a genteel folk, and well, fucking backwards. 

There are four female Supreme Court justices, I'd like to think that even Amy Barrett would take offense to that...........but she'd probably take it as a compliment 

It is truly shameful that people think about women this way in this day and age. But these are the same people who wonder what women were wearing when they are sexually assaulted, as surely they must have brought in on themselves. 

Forget that the skirts in which the must wear to school sexualizes the women to the male population and enforces oh so many stereotypes. I suppose school administration doesn't think the women will notice, as they'll be in Home Ec class much of the time trying to learn how to keep a nice home for her husband. 

The women at this school, or anywhere, don't deserve "gentle treatment" from their male classmates. They need to be treated with dignity and respect..........and to not attempt rape. They are not less than. 

The school administration is. Perhaps SCOTUS too.......depending on how they vote. 

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Old Lurker said...

I feel the word "vessels" is more telling than the word "fragile" in that statement.

Travel said...

My sister would beat the crap out of him for that policy, I'd sue.

Happyman said...

Why the fuck would anyone send their daughter to that particular private school anyway?

Ur-spo said...

Why on earth the females don't become more of a collective group for women's rights is bewildering to me.

rebecca said...

The answer is simple, the boys wear skirts too