Sunday, June 25, 2023


We took ourselves to see Asteroid City yesterday, Wes Anderson's new movie. 

First off, it is better than his last, the French Dispatch

It's Anderson, so the usual cast of characters show up: Schwartzman. Norton. Brody. Iohansson. Swinton. Dafoe. Goldblum. Balaban. Schreiber. Cranston.

The Lobby Boy from Grand Budapest Hotel is in it. But more notably who is not:  Bill Murray who had been in all Anderson films was out, as was F. Muarray Abraham. Both possibly for the same issue: #metoo issues  But even stalwarts - Balaban and Goldblum have no lines and one line respectively.  Asteroid also has the addition of Tom Hanks and Steve Carrell. 

I don't know what most Anderson movies get in the way of reviews, but a quick look only had this at 2.1 stars or a 76% rotten tomato score.  I don't think it was out of the park like Budapest of Isle of Dogs, but I liked it.

The movie is fairly meta: it’s a play within a play within a TV production within a movie. Though you're reminded of it often, you most likely forget during some of the acts and scenes. 

Like with so many Anderson outings, the performances are understated and meant to be that way. Jason Schwartzman does a great job at this. Ditto to the kid who plays his son (who looks a lot like Lobby Boy). 
I really liked Scarlett Johansson oddly enough. And all the science kids who are in the movie. 

Hanks tries to pull it off, but cannot. He's just wrong for the part, the movie and he cast. Carrell kind of is ok, but he doesn't quite gel. 

I adored Jeffrey Wright's opening speech. I'm not sure the man could do wrong. Adrian Brody has never looked this good. But they didn't use Liev Schreiber's sexy as fuck voice enough. And I'm always going to love how Tilda Swinton can just morph into anything or anyone. 

Visually, the movie is extremely interesting. 

Like a few Anderson films, I think I'd to see it again to fully appreciate it all. But even some of the most understated performances are extremely strong. 

2023 Movie Count / Goal: 07 of 15

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I see a lot of ads for this. Your entry is the first one to actually say something about it.