Thursday, June 22, 2023

Brain Damage

My lord, this man is a fucking idiot. 

....and he wants to be president. 

I thought it was Michael Kennedy who hit his head on a tree while skiing and died. It seems there's another brain death in the family as well. 

His anti-vaxxing stance alone kind of already told you everything you needed to know about RFK Jr's stance and understanding of science. This shit just kind of solidifies it. 

You either have the source, or you don't.  You either have the facts, or you don't. Should they exist at all, you should have someone on your staff explain it to you like you're five, so you can explain it to me like I'm three.  

But if it is not your area of expertise (and clearly it is not), perhaps you shouldn't be talking out of your butthole. 

At some point you're just running on your name. Apparently that is now, which makes me think you have absolutely nothing to say. 

I have yet to be corrected. 

Song by: Pink Floyd


Travel said...

Outsmarted by Joe Rogan, amazing.

James Dwight Williamson said...

He has fifty million in the bank the K name, the largest ego on earth or one of them and white privilege