Monday, June 19, 2023

My Monday Morning

I know my theme this month is Pride, but I suppose having the word in the title doesn't make it so, so I'm changing it up a little. 

XM had a gay pride theme going and Josie Cotton's song, "Johnny, Are You Queer" was one of them. 

I struggled with this. Pride?  Or homophobia? 

I kind of like the song. But I don't think I've ever seen the video. Is Josie Cotton really Christine Baranski at age 38 and in a wig?  And I kind of take offense that Johnny isn't just gay, but a nerd cast-out with an ill fitting cardigan and tape on his glasses.  You know, because being gay wasn't enough of a high school pariah group. 

Still - the sentiment has plagued us all, no?  I mean, at some point, it's a girl, girlfriend, friend, stranger or family member who ponders - maybe not as bluntly as Cotton's title - if you indeed are a "confirmed bachelor". 

And due tot that alone, it fits into our Pride or Pride story. 

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