Friday, June 09, 2023

Against the Law

You know something CNN - suck. my. dick. 

Your "source" is BLOTUS. You say it in your own article - just not your headline. Why? Because you know, deep down it's wrong. 

Get some journalistic integrity, he is the center of the probable indictment and has everything to gain by controlling the story - and your newsfeed - like you're the vonTrapp marionettes.  And he's correct in doing it, since you're so easily manipulated. 

But he is not "sources".  Your article lists only him, and even by journalistic standards, I'm assuming you know the difference between singular and plural. But then again, you did have him on your channel for an unadulterated hour of lies, boasts and, well.......lies.  All in the name of ratings, not journalism, so what the fuck do I know - because you certainly don't. 

Yes, BLOTUS broke the story on his social media, like he did about his having to testify. He controls the story. He makes it out to be all lies, because the DOJ has handed the probable indictment to his lawyers and they / he gets to cherry pick shit to start to plant seeds of reasonable doubt long before any court appearance. And you rarely question it. You just report it, and people assume it's fact. 

Of course, it's not just CNN that are this thirsty for "breaking news", but my fucking lord. 

I'd normally say, 'yay' to the indictment - and I do - but I'm trying how (of if) this plays out with the GOP pack running for 2024.  Honestly, we might been BLOTUS to split that party so none of them win.  I mean........c'mon 107 yo Pappy Joe.  

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James Dwight Williamson said...

If CNN decides to perform fellatio on you, please send video .

Travel said...

I want to hear the red hat chant, Lock Him Up, Lock Him Up! There are even indictments here.