Saturday, July 01, 2023

If I Had a Tail

Shep and Simon are a pair. Shep just doesn't really know it. 

When Shep enters the room, Simon isn't even polite about leaving your side to go see Shep. He's still curious and Shep is seemingly uninterested. But at least he doesn't seem Simon as prey. 

Leave nothing unexplored.  Nothing. 

Where ya goin' ?  Where ya goin' ?  Where ya going' ?


Wakey Wakey. 

We gave him his own time - and into the river. 


Of course, this is cute and we knew it would happen. 
Shep didn't seem to mind at all. We will see though. 


Song by: Queens of the Stone Age


Raybeard said...

A true, chuckle-worthy pair.

Travel said...

He is looking for someone or something to play with.

Bob said...

Nice to see them getting along.
We've had a couple of cat spats since Rosita came into the house, but now she and Consuelo are learning to tolerate/slightly like one another.

James Dwight Williamson said...

I love that stalk picture. So glad to see a cat again , such a gorgeous kitty

Anonymous said...

Simon wants to play with somebody.

Calvin said...

Such a cute boy!