Wednesday, July 19, 2023


I just can't write about BLOTUS. But once again, he controls the story that may or may not be real. Allegedly the DOJ is to charge him with crime for January 6th.  You think the DOJ would control the story, but like the document shit, Fatso announced weeks before, controlling the media. 

There will be time to write about that, should I choose. 

I'm more worried about my amazon feed and their suggestions for me. 

I've been a little worried about myself lately. Clearly Bezos & crew are much more so. Let's be honest, as they dig through my personal history on the webs, they probably know me better than myself. 

For all my mother's possible faults, being a narcissist wasn't one of them. The rest???   Welllllll.....lets not rule them out too quickly just yet.

.......though I'm looking at my teens in the rear view mirror......with the help of the Webb telescope. 



Travel said...

Jeff's spy is in my kitchen and I keep getting suggestions of cookbooks. At least the list isn't cooking for dummies.

Old Lurker said...

Postpartum depression?!