Friday, July 14, 2023


I'm not sure the Actor's Strike could come at a worse time for 2023. Big movies are about to open and now without promotion.  Oppenheimer.  Barbie.  Mission: VERY Probable. 

Indiana Jones doesn't have to worry. $250MM to make and it raked in a paltry $26M. That thing is dead in the water.  Maybe that's because somehow Indy ages 41 years, but the span between when Raiders was to have taken place and the new one was only 31. 

I guess dating Marion Ravenwood ages you. Or trying to keep Calista Flockhart out the vomitorium. 

You probs saw that the strike came right when Oppenheimer cast was on the red carpet in London for the film's premiere. When news came of said strike, they all walked out.  OUCH. But I get it. I'm pro-union. 

But Hollywood has a problem. Both writers and actors are currently not working. The Emmys were just announced, (as Mike well knows) and they're possibly soon to have a show with no one there. At least it'll be a quick one. 

Me? I for one am THRILLED there is a strike.Strikes. Plural.  

I'm so far behind on content I need some time to catch up before they make new shit.  And by "some time", I mean, like four years. Even that would require me to quit my job and watch about 18 hours per day......and I'd still be on the second season of Dead to Me

The big names won't hurt any. I'm not too worried that Robert Downey Jr. won't eat tomorrow. But the character actors, the extras, the work-a-days: all terribly affected.  And if things aren't being made: directors, lighting, sets, costumes, music, et al, comes to a screeching halt. 

I'm not even sure if the actors performing the Glass Menagerie at the Bonnie Franking Dinner Theater can do their job.  I think we can say everyone dodged a bullet there. Maybe Lincoln should have been there instead of at Ford's Theater. 

But let's hope people get fair deals on their contracts. I'm looking more at the writers than the actors, but even in the latter group, there are a ton just trying to get by. And if it takes a while, I'm declaring myself the winner of Mike's and my quasi-annual Emmy betting thing. 

Song by: Joe Henry


Travel said...

The Indiana Jones movie is a great laugh, go see it.

Old Lurker said...

Oh that Lincoln joke. Too soon, Blobby. Too soon.

James Dwight Williamson said...

I support the union