Sunday, July 09, 2023

Hotter Than Hell

I'm drafting this on Saturday prevening. Somewhere between 16:00 and 18:00. 

So there isn't an update for Saturday yet. We could be at Day 5. I see no reason why we, as a planet, would go backward. 

It was just a week ago I wrote about the Canadian wildfires and their probable tie to climate change. 

But for four consecutive days this last week, the Earth has, as you can read, it's hottest recorded days. 

63.01 was the global average temp. Fahrenheit, that is.  It was 62.92 the day before that. 

Great if it's April or October in the U.S, but don't let the seemingly low temp fool you. This is global.  So, where some parts of the planet it's winter and some places - well once had ice caps that weren't shrinking and ice shelves that weren't melting, falling into the ocean and not only raising the water temps, but the level itself. 

For some comparison, here is a graphic from NASA. 

1951-1980, the Global Temp was about 57°.  So yeah, it's going up. 

We're fucked. 

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Raybeard said...

For years I've been hoping that my too-late-now fear was exaggeratedly alarmist, but as I watch in constant horror at what's happening I know it wasn't. Those in power who could and should have done more to avoid what is surely now inescapable will be cursed by however many - or few- generations there are to come, each suffering more than the previous one until.....I won't live long enough to see the end, but many alive today I'm certain will. I'll say it again - TOO LATE NOW :-(

Travel said...

The toasty planet

Ur-spo said...