Friday, July 07, 2023

Site of the Month

Yeah yeah.........Zillow is a site, but THE site.  

I like looking at real estate on line, though usually I keep closer to home. I'm nosy that way - seeing what $X amount buys one in this town - and to see what little taste there is out there - or what accounts for it. 

There is a trend I see in house listings:  the inability to pick shit up before the real estate photographer arrives. Or just the lack of not carrying. 

What gets me is that realtors don't say something or take dirty laundry out of the shot. I suppose maybe it doesn't matter and they know it, so why waste the time? 

Lake Tahoe is a nice area. Expensive, dontcha know. The house in question sold for $550k.....but the Zestimate is at almost $715k.  A big hike in two years. 

But as you might know, Zillow shows pics from the last sale. 

I urge - nay, insist - you scroll through the 27 pics. 

No doubt you'll cringe at a pic or two. But if you're still cringing, you haven't gotten to the picture(s) with which you need to see. 

The link is here. 

I'll be waiting by the comment section. 



wcs said...

OMG. I cringed at the sliding glass doors into the garage, thinking, well, not my style, but ok. Then I saw them. OMFG.

GregM said...

Do they come with the house (or, at least, just the blonde one)? Asking for a friend.

Travel said...

Through the open bedroom door, on the floor, rendered speechless

Calvin said...

Sad to say I'm not surprised given the location. That has always been the down market side of the lake. My fear was that it belonged to one of former clients who put the I in I-talian. Agree with Rebecca there were better shots.

Anonymous said...

I'd be hesitant to dig in the yard lest there be bodies.

Of course, it could just be a tenant's revenge on a lousy landlord.

Will Jay

VoenixRising said...

Oh. My.
Oh. MY.
OH. MY!!!

Blobby said...

Yes, there were better shots! But that would have ruined the scroll of images. I buried the lead!

Anonymous said...

Kinda like the toothpaste-on-the-bathroom-mirror photos on the M/M dating apps! Unlike those guys, there’s hope of appreciation with investment in the ecologically restricted Tahoe Basin.