Wednesday, July 26, 2023

License to Thrill

I don't think it's a coincidence that my new driver's license and my antidepressants arrived in the mail on the same day. 

It's one of those years where everything is due. 

Eye Doctor.  Done. The issue he noticed a few years ago - you know, potential eye cancer is stable and fine. No progression of anything.

And get this:  my vision is better!  My prescription hasn't change for the last four visits. Now it's better. Maybe my lenses will be thinner. How does that happen?

I had to get my car serviced. 50k miles, dontcha know. That did not go ok. It seemed to, until the next day I found out they forgot to fasten the oil cap.  So........not great. Oil on the driveway, in the garage, on the gym parking lot and I'm sure countless streets before I noticed. 

Nor has the dealership responded to any of my messages. The car is out of warranty now, so maybe there's not reason to go back there, though I kind of want them do something for me. I just don't know what that something is. 

And then there was e-check, registration and the aformehtioned new license. 

The only sweet thing of the last one is, now it's an 8 year one. No more of this every four years.  I'll look that way and be 190 lbs forever now. I mean, at least for the next 8 years............when they restrict me to no night driving at that point. 

....which is one of the reasons I need the antidepressants. Naturally. 

Earlier I had an updated tetanus shot. I'm not due for a colonoscopy for another three years, so right now I'm good. 

And done.  For a while.     

Song by: Billy Idol


Travel said...

Time to get on the waiting list for a gerontologist (seriously there are like 1/4 the number we really need.) In VA my license if good for 8 years, renewable online for 8, then I have to go in person to renew. I figure one more in person renewal sets me until I should stop driving.

Old Lurker said...

I am glad to know the potential eye cancer is less of a threat.

James Dwight Williamson said...

That’s a lot going on

Ur-spo said...

Dear me!