Friday, July 28, 2023

Carjack '94

This world is fucked up. It just is. 

One of my employees was carjacked the other evening after getting her mother situated at the Emergency Department after having a stroke.  The employee got in her car to leave and was about a mile from the hospital. And it was not after dark. 

The street is a well traveled six lane road - three each way - that is widely used. But at whatever time, two cars coordinated and boxed her in forcing her to stop. The four people, split between two cars, reached in her partially open window unlocked her door. 

It wasn't enough to try to get her purse, which they did. They punched her in the face, held a gun to her head while the two teen girls yelled, "shoot her!  kill her!!". 

Of course, they took her car. 

But what the actual fuck???

Shoot her.  Kill her.   For a lousy $35 and a car they ended up abandoning less than an hour later?  I'd say, is that worth 25 to life?  But clearly, this isn't how folks like that think. Or care 

Oh - did I say, they were all teens? Or alleged considering none of have been caught. Clearly none of them worried about the police. 

As you'd imagine, she hasn't been back to work. She's trying to put on a good face, but she's rattled. And honestly, I don't know how you come back from that. Hearing your life to others meant absolutely nothing and that a gun to your head and people advocating shooting you is just horrific. 

This is our current state of devolving. I'm scared for the future. The near future. 

Song by: Mudhoney


Travel said...

Part of my brain wants to go into professional fixer mode, you are surrounded by people who do that.

So, W..T..F.. we need to fix a society where this is seen as fun or normal, or acceptable.

James Dwight Williamson said...

I never drive with a window down and I would have rammed those mother fucking cars until something gave . That said, she has my complete and utter sympathy. I think the world is certainly different. But you can’t ever let them think they’ve won.