Friday, July 21, 2023

Happiness is Just a Thing Called Joe

I'm just sayin', if Gloria doesn't want him, and he needs a place to lay low for a bit, Joe Manganiello can hang here, with us me, should he like. 

Oddly, I can count three things I've seen him in: the first Spiderman (for about 38 seconds); Scrubs (for about 17 seconds) and multiple episodes of How I Met Your Mother

After those roles, he became a bit too buff. He was always (or most always) nicely built, but when you get to the stills I saw of Magic Mike, a baby oiled 8-pack isn't attractive to me. 

I think I read he was in True Blood, but I never saw a second of that show. No interest. Even with a probably partially nekkid Joe. 

He shore is purdy. I don't know if Joe is a deep thinker, but I am pretty sure it's not his brains I'm after. 

If those crazy kids can't make it 7 years, I'm tellin' ya. They must be bad in bed (or at least one of them), because with other flaws, you'd overlook them to for a chance at............that. 

Oh now, I'm objectifying a fellow man!

eh.........he'll live. 

Song by: Ella Fitzgerald


Travel said...

At what age do we become a dirty old man?

James Dwight Williamson said...

He’s a recovering alcoholic and she kept drinking even though he couldn’t. I’m sure he will have shoulders of both sexes offered to cry on . I think he is most famous for True Blood and his Stripper movies , Magic Mike. I think he was a nice guy , now size queen Ricky Martin is also divorcing to trade up to a bigger schwanz, OF actor Sam Vass