Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Small Town

I feel I need to write about Jason Aldean - but I don't wanna. 

He's an artist I've heard of, but never heard. 

There are like 53 people across from Mandalay Bay who are now lucky enough they don't have to hear him. 

Yes - a mass shooting joke that is too soon. Or is it?  But it was at his concert, so maybe the guy just missed his target and hit 53 people who weren't on stage at the time. 

Yes, CMT pulled (not banned) song about, basically threatening anyone in a small town who doesn't act like they're from a small town. Country motherfuckers are up in arms over CMT's actions. 

Now think back to 2003, when the Chicks said they were embarrassed the president was from Texas. That's it. Not about the subtle art of saying "lynching" without saying "lynching" like Aldean does.  CMT did ban the Chicks. Still do, btw 

So, these country hayseeds don't get it - the irony, they hypocrisy, the stupidity or general understanding of the two instances. They certainly don't get "you can't ban our music; but we will ban books'. 

Maybe they do get it - and just don't care that they look stupid as fuck.

It's another exhausting link in the chain of the anchor that is dragging us all down to the depths of the Titan sub. I just want them all to implode. 

Song by: John Mellencamp


Bob said...

I'll take John Cougar Mellencamp's ;'Small Town' any day over this faux patriotic racist bull shit.

Anonymous said...

Yes, please implode. 60 were killed. 100s wounded. One lynched at the courthouse where this fascist video was filmed. To call him a piece of trash is too kind.