Tuesday, July 04, 2023

4th of July


I'm sure this is like the 18th July 4th post in my blog "career". 

In none of them to I advocate "celebrating" our Independence. 

This year will be no different. 

With the last two weeks of Supreme Court rulings, it turns out I would rather take my chances on a submersible to go see the Titanic. 

The environment is a lot less hostile and the chances for survival are greater than living in the U.S. 

I'm sure there is some analogy with the Affirmative Action decision and the Student Loan one. Is it that minorities won't have to worry about paying back their financial aid since they won't be getting into college in the first place? 

You know that MAGA shit that BLOTUS wanted?  He's getting it.  Well, what he and his followers thought when America was great.  No gays rights. No Civic Rights. No voting rights.  So, he "wins".......with his hand-selected court jesters (though let's be honest, he didn't select them, his minion did). 

Should it be true that the wedding web site bigot made a case on lies, and none of seemingly caught in the first trial, the appeal, the state supreme court and the US one..........well, then there is a seemingly gay agenda after all, just an anti-one. 

For those who haven't seen, the man in question requesting this twat's services not only did not do such, he has been married since the mid-2000s........to a woman. Yes, he's straight. The case was brought up on a pack of lies. How does this even happen? 

The country as it stands today, is a fraud and embarrassment. 

At the current rate, we are a few years away from where homosexuality will be considered illegal. I'm not even joking on that one. I'm truly beginning to believe it. 

However, if you celebrate, do it like an American - blow something up - and take off a few fingers in the process!

Song by: Cold War Kids


James Dwight Williamson said...

I have faith that America will be a better place and will donate to candidates and vote every chance I get. I believe in the concept of America and hope to live to see the current lunatics pushed back under their rock.

Ur-spo said...

At least the Delaware thing 'worked'.