Monday, July 10, 2023

My Music Monday

I'm sticking with "new" music in June. 

Queens of the Stone Age have a new disk out. Their first in six years, or so.  

I get that most wouldn't think of me as liking QotSA, and admittedly, I own now albums, though have a few songs. And the only original band member, Josh Homme, isn't unfavorable to look at. I get he wouldn't be everyone's cup of tea, but I'm not everyone. 

The band are harder rock than some of the stuff to which I normally listen, but I like it, just not enough I guess to pry open my wallet it seems. 

Anymore these days, it comes down to:  can I run to it.  The answer is a big fat 'yes'. 

One of their new songs, "Emotion Sickness" is out on XM.......seemingly in high rotation. It's ok, know, just ok. It has a '70s vibe that was driving me nuts - mostly on the chorus - because I couldn't quite place the sound. 

I think it was on the fourth or fifth listen, as I was driving home when I went: "TODD RUNDGREN".  And that's exactly what it sounds like - the chorus, that is. 

The sound is kind of a a good way. 

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