Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Missing You

Oh - to be young, female, blonde and white. 

If you go missing, EVERYONE looks for you. You're on every news show, every paper - real and electronic. Even if there's no confirmed actual crime, the FBI will come looking for you. 

However...................if you're not young, blonde and white.....well, good luck to you and the person who may or may not trip over your body......totally by accident. 

Nothing against Gabby Whatshername, but there are any number of people "missing" who no one talks about, looks for, let alone overtakes every news organization - and what is eventually will be an on-going trial on CourtTV (assuming the "missing" fianc√© isn't dead or in Guadalajara - which is a kind of dead. 

2020 data tells you that more men went missing than females. 

Honestly, when is the last time you saw coverage of any kind of guy who hasn't shown up for something? Sure, now and again, some 88 year old wanders away from assisted living, but that's on the local news and the 9th story in.  ....and I'm being generous. 

90,000 missing person cases are unsolved. Most - and by that I mean, 89,887 of them - don't have manhunts (or womenhunts) for the person. 89,993 don't get this kind of attention. But many missing are Black, Native American, Asian or {gasp} poor!

The racial, age and gender disparities are glaring and every news organization overlooks that, or worse: mentions it in a half line in a news story, while unironically still talking about the missing white girl. 

Yes, "girl". Because let's face it ladies, if you can't get an acting part when you're over 40, no one is looking for you in the non-acting world either.  .....and I'm being generous.  

32 is probably the number before you age out of people wanting to know your whereabouts. Your odds do go up if your young kids go missing with you - but let's face it, the media is on it due to the kids, not the mom. 

In Cleveland, 11 (!!!!!!) women were killed at some guy's house and half-buried in the back yard. All of the victims were black. All of them poor. Some of them had been on the streets -.maybe even working them. None of them looked for - other than maybe family members. Certainly not by the police who - you know - didn't give a shit. There were certainly no Federal agents on the job, and not one report on the news about any of those missing women. 

I do have to say this about Gabby's family:

Your would be son-in-law comes home without her. You hadn't heard from her since before that. He doesn't say a word about why he comes back alone - or a word at all.  ........and you wait eleven fucking days to report her missing. I do believe that call was made shortly after they probably hired a PR firm. 

Of course, Gab's was engaged young and lived with her would be betrothed and his parents, in their house? She could have made better choices. 

Oh step down, I'm not blaming the victim. 

But true to nature, the bf was already tried and convicted in the media before there was even a body. Should he not have done it, he probably did the right thing by not talking and then taking off. There is no fair trial for this guy.

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Ur-spo said...

I too thought 'white lady' gets the attention to what happens all the time in ethnic women no one cares about.