Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Not the Doctor

One blood draw. 
Two arms. 
Four sticks. 

Never have I ever had a blood draw go so wrong.  Well, you know, until now. 

As infection control goes, I'm not quite sure if one is supposed to use the same needle to stick you three unsuccessful times in the same arm, looking for the same vein............one that was clearly clearly visible. 

Only when changing arms did a new needle get attached. That can't be right, right?

Oh, and the last three sticks hurt. Oddly enough, I didn't come away mega-bruised or with a hematoma. So.......silver lining!

This is all for my doctor's appointment today. Yes, I always insist on getting all my labwork done ahead of time, so if needed, he and I can make a plan of action. It has rarely come to that. 

Seven years ago, I needed a new doctor because my one retired, but I knew it in advance. When calling my current one - or what I thought to be current one - his number didn't work. And he was no longer on the hospital website. And his email bounced back.  Motherfuck!

Me, being me, I called their department administrator (the me of that service line) to axe what happened. He retired, they said. I said, 'where was my 30 day notice?, I said.  They didn't send one, and I had to remind them, it was required by law.  Then..............crickets. 

So, this afternoon I see a new guy. We'll see how it goes. I'm expecting little and maybe that's the right attitude. I've forged bonds with my last two docs and what has it gotten me?  I just need them to tell me I'm gonna live and maybe write a script for stuff. 

As Ina Garten would say, "how easy is that?"

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James Dwight Williamson said...

I changed Doctors in January of 2020 because of their retirement. My physician had been mine for at least 27 years. Her blood work was drawn in the office , a rarity these days and she , the nurse,used a butterfly and essentially never missed. First time Erin. Small things like this are invaluable. My mother who turns 90 in March , goes to the dreaded Qwest for blood work. Although they are busier, they are very proficient. The one thing I am learning is that having a male doctor is good in the fact that I am getting a digital prostate exam instead of the PSA only. So at least there is that. I was spoiled by my first ,she was incredible with prescriptions being on time no hassle. Maybe I’m getting a more objective opinion now, but he certainly has huge fingers.