Wednesday, September 08, 2021

Count Me Out

I don't think any of this is coincidence. 

Over the weekend, Melanoma comes out with multiple stories (though quoted in none of them, but you know it was her handiwork) that she has zero interest in being First Whore Lady again. 

Then today, her pimp husband says he's 99, 100 % likely to run for BLOTUS II. 

The first good news:  Math is not BLOTUS' strong suit. Ask any of his bankruptcy attorneys or Electoral College counters. So, 99, 100 seems..........well.............reaching. 

The second good news.......possibly:  party-splitting. This could (or should) weed out if the GOP will follow this douchebag twice. If not, it could be an easy slam-dunk for the Dems, except nothing is ever an easy slam-dunk for them. 

Of course, the potential bad news is: these fucking GOPers are just fine following the 21st century Jim Jones to the new Guyana. BYO Kool-Aid. They'll follow him there, behind the likes of Gym Jordan who will have his tongue extended into the Cheeto Anus - if it can make it around the Depends.  ......and you know it will. 

The lack of Melanoma won't be a hinderance to him. She wasn't around enough to matter in the first place. No one would miss her - and I'm sure the likes of Ivanka and / or Lara Trump will more than make up for being the understudy in the role of Lady MacBeth.

You might think this is too early to worry about this hopeful nonsense, but it really isn't. 

I'm thinking Kamala has been scarily silent these last few months - even with the Texas abortion thingy - because they are keeping her from making even a slight gaffe, should she need to be the nominee in 2024. I mean, Pappy Joe ain't getting any younger...........and that big pile of Afghanistan dung he stepped in ain't helping his or the Dems case. 

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James Dwight Williamson said...

Isn’t that what they do, Presidents try to hide their Vice Presidents. Biden is in his 9th month of straightening out the worst previous presidency , in the history of the United States. Nothing that he has stumbled on wasn’t created by the ineptitude of BLOTUS . I do believe what is accomplished legislatively, this fall winter will help/hurt Biden’s re-election.

Travel said...

Your political analysis is in line with many great minds.