Monday, September 20, 2021

My Music Monday

Songs from our vacation - new and old. 

That's the theme.  Theme-ish. Honestly, it's been a month and I'm already starting to forget what we heard and what my brain thought it would retain. 


So this one is new. Actually, I think it was brand spanking new when we were traveling. 

'Tis a band I've never heard - Caveman. And a song of which I'd never heard - obiv: "Work This Hard". 

It's just kind of a calm, vibe-y song. Slow synths, drum machines, some echo percussion that could make it a Shins retread. But it kind of works. It's good background music, but I don't know I want an entire disk of it - though that might not be the case anyway. 

I'd say I have no way of knowing, but I could, should I listen to more of the group.  ....but honestly, who has the time? 

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Travel said...

Does anyone have a phone with a 50 foot cord any more? Does anyone have a phone with a cord outside of their office?