Monday, September 27, 2021

My Music Monday

The last in my series: 'what I heard on my vacation'. 

I heard some new stuff and reminded of some things I had not heard in a while.  Right now, the new is outpacing the old, so I'll throw in a past song. 

We heard Everything But the Girl.  And, thankfully, it wasn't the massively overplayed "Missing". 

"Don't Leave Me Behind" precedes that song by almost a decade, and the disk, Baby, the Stars Shine Bright was one of the first compact disks I'd ever bought. Thank you. For the Record (ironically named?) in Grandview Hts for that purchase. 

"Don't Leave Me Behind" also preceded what would become similar, if less than, songs by Swing Out Sister and Basia. One of those I regrettably bought. You'll have to figure out which one I made the mistake on. 

Horns were a thing in the late '80s. Whether they should have been will be up for debate with historians for centuries to come.  Until then.............I give you Everything But the Girl. 

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Travel said...

Horns and strings in the mix, the topics for music history Phds for decades to come. There was an episode of Columbo with Johnny Cash, and it it Cash is debating adding strings to one of his recordings, play the versions with and without.