Sunday, September 05, 2021

Get Together

We have been in our "new" house 17 months. We had our first gathering last night. 

Gathering might be a strong word, but friends David and James came over for dinner. Carry-out, actually, as some people are still being cautious about who touches what and how. I totally get it. 

While I'm happy I didn't have to cook, I'd have gladly done it, but we got to spend a LOT of time with the two. 

As 710 pointed out, usually we see a movie with them and then a quick after-film dinner. This was a four hour eat (well, maybe 35 minutes of eat) and catch-up.  We have not seen them - not really - since February of 2020. They are our closest Cleveland friends and it was weird not to be seeing them. 

As I've mentioned here any number of times, I'm fairly socially inept and this was no different - though with these two, I don't think they cared, though both are fairly socially fluent. But with a 19 month gap, 710 said to me beforehand, "I don't know how to host anymore".  

I'm not sure we ever did, but I think we do ok. And we did ok. 

We had some drinks, though they usually do not. We had some things to sample that were in individual bowls for each person, so no one shared or had to. Dinner was carry-out and the individual chocolate mouse cups were a huge hit.  

Everyone was double-vaxxed and no masks were used, though we all had them. We sat a decent amount apart, so we were mindful but not overly diligent. There were hugs and not just touched elbows. 

It wasn't a spreader event - super or not. No one left with Covid.  Probably. 

I know Delta variant is out there, so we won't do this often or maybe anytime soon, but it was nice to reconnect. It felt human. 

But it was the catch-up.  We missed an election cycle. We have missed the dozen movies we would have seen with them. We missed job changes, life changes, family changes. It took four hours to catch up. Maybe longer, but we cut it at four. I mean, I'm writing this after my normal bedtime because they left after my normal bedtime.

But at least I'll go to bed content. 

Song by: Madonna


Travel said...

Sounds like a nice evening, we need more of those

James Dwight Williamson said...

I don’t think anything you did was unreasonable and if these are your best friends , good for you. If you can travel to the beach and back I kinda think you are adult enough to have dinner companions. It is a whole new world and , I am glad somebody is trying to break out in a smart way.

Ur-spo said...

going to bed content is a good sign things are good.