Friday, September 03, 2021


As if the courts aren't already deciding what a woman can (well, really what they can't) do with their body, now they are moving on to what hospitals and doctors should do. 

Texas, which I still cannot deal with at this point in time, isn't the only fuck up state in the union. Ohio is right there too. 

In West Chester, which unsurprisingly in the southern part of the state - a stone's throw away from Kentucky, y'all - a judge has ruled that a hospital ICU must (yes.......MUST!) give a Covid patient Ivermectin. 

Yes. A woman got a prescription from a doctor (allegedly not an animal one!) and now a judge is forcing the hospital to give it to the patient, who is on a ventilator. 

The order is to treat the patient with it for three weeks, because it is requested by his wife - - - who is not a medical or veterinary expert {shocking}.

Poison Centers across the country are spiking with calls regarding people who have taken it.  Like. I. Care.  This, people, is how Natural Selection works. And why it works.  Let. Them. Die.   Be it by not vaxxing or taking livestock medication. I really don't care.  Not. At. All. 

Yet this is a no win for the hospital and / or healthcare. Should he live (doubtful), it won't be due to Ivermectin - not that you'll be able to tell the Yokel Republic that. If he dies - dollars to doughnuts the family sues the hospital for administering a drug that the FDA has not approved.  Or because they didn't give the drug soon enough. 

At this point, I hope the drug makes it a horrible, painful death that the wife has to watch.

Of course, she might just be in it for the insurance pay-out. 

Still - the courts are making medical decisions - and not just end of life kind of things. This isn't "to pull the plug on a patient who has been brain dead for 8 years".  They are making medical / treatment decisions on something about which they know nothing. You can't even have expert witnesses in this - as this is not a drug for humans, let alone tested on them. There is zero data on this and zero "experts" for the pro side. 

I don't know the repercussions for the hospital if they refuse to comply. Personally, I would transfer that patient out of there quick as fuck. But of course, they'd be sued - live or die. 

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James Dwight Williamson said...

This seems to me it would violate the “Standard of Care” and culpable negligence. Although I’m sure an exact Standard is currently Fluid. I also heard one of these cases had been overturned. Madness abounds!

Travel said...

Helpppppppppppppppp! Makes me want to start ranting, and ranting, and ranting.