Saturday, September 18, 2021


It was a tough tough tough work week. 

Spo says he does not envy my job, as he knows what it's like to deal with hospital administrators. Most of us do a bang-up job, but we are an unlikeable bunch because of it. As I say - they pay me a bunch, but not enough to be liked. 

Dogs and cats are my or not. 

Extra. Again. 

Aerial shot 

Below shot. 

She loves to interrupt one's computer work. 

Graduated to co-star. 

Sophie loves to hang in the kitchen while we do dinner prep. 

Lick #1.   
Bailey thanking me for picking her up from the kennel. 

Lick #2. 
Shep thanking me for picking him up from daycare. 

All three of them pick me up all the time.  Emotionally, that is. 

Song by: Fred Schneider 


James Dwight Williamson said...

You look like an easy pick up. For any four legged creature. I hope the pick up is long lasting.

Raybeard said...

Animal presences are a tonic - though as you mention 'interference' from someone when you're computing, I always find that when I'm on the phone [these days it's exclusively to my 83-year-old sister] my pussies cannot stand it for long and are always around rubbing me as if they're jealous and wanting my attention instead. At all other times I'm someone to be ignored, except when they're wanting food.

Travel said...

At least the cat and dogs always like you,

Bob said...

They lift us up and we love them right back.

Miss Sophie clearly will not be ignored.

Ur-spo said...

I have a cartoon hanging in my office. It is the cliche man lying on the analytical couch but the shrink is a dog.
The punchline: "Look, my treatment is simple. I lick your face until you cheer up"