Wednesday, September 01, 2021


I got nothing. 

Re-entry to work has been tough-ish.  It started with coming back to 996 emails. 

Nine Hundred and Ninety Fucking Six. 

I'm down to about 440.  ......after two days.  Mind you, I got another 300 since being back, so in a way I'm down from 1296.  Kind of. 

So,  I'm kind of tired of looking at a screen - hence the "I got nothing". 

....because, I got nothing. 

Song by: the Pet Shop Boys


Travel said...

Ugg! Delete them all, and see who notices.

Mark Alexander said...

Just "Mark All As Read" and move on. That's what I do. If it's anything important someone will circle back with "Did you get my email?" at which point you can say, "No, I'm afraid I didn't."