Friday, June 25, 2021


This is one of the better stories I've heard in a while - and g-d help me, I hope it's true. 

The former head of the NRA - which I swear in my extended lifetime has always been Wayne LaPierre - David Keene spoke at "a graduation" (oh yes, quotes) for 3,044 students. 

Well, Keene did, as did John Lott, a guns right activist. 

The pair were told it was a dry run......a practice session for James Madison Academy. 

And 3,044 empty chairs represented the 3,044 students who would have graduated high school this year, had it not been for their deaths due to gun violence. 

It seems that neither men believe in background checks - for gun ownership or checking out where they're giving a speech. Had they, one of them might have stumbled upon the fact that James Madison Academy does indeed not exist. 

Allegedly, their speeches were pro-gun, and even mentioned that Madison was a proposed the 2nd Keene told the empty crowd that “many” of them would “be among those who stand up and prevent” changes to laws aimed at addressing gun violence in the country. 

Oh, sweet sweet delicious irony. 

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Sometimes the lack of intelligence shows.

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