Wednesday, June 02, 2021

Goin' Back

Masks off. 

Starting today, Ohio is abandoning masks............if you're fully vaccinated. 


Yes, by all means, let's take people at their word. 

Businesses and schools may still require them, soooooooo.....that should all go well.  When mandatory, people were having melt downs in establishments about wearing them.  Now that the governor says they don't unless................well, I'm sure that won't create any animosity at all. 

It's going to be a shit show. 

Our closest grocery store has changed their verbiage to 'consider wearing a mask inside'. Yeahhhh.....that's gonna do it. 

I am fully vaccinated and as of now, I have no intention of going into a store or crowded area without a mask. If people want to mock me, I have two middle fingers I'd be happy to show them. Oddly, they won't see their mocking as an affront, but my less than subtle non-verbal will tick them off. 

“Ohioans have done a great job during the pandemic", touts our governor. 

Always the politician that douche is. I would think the 19,681 deaths and the 1,102,556 would tell another story on our greatness.  We have the 10th most deaths by state in the U.S.  We are not the 10th largest state by a long shot. 

But all sporting events will be at full capacity, along with bars and restaurants. And movies. And yet, I'm not ready for any of these, mostly because I think most people are morons. 

Only 4.6 million folks  are vaccinated in Ohio. People are stupid and reckless, so I suspect that come Fall, we will all be back to the masks.........except I fear there is no going back. I fear we're just not ready.  Even with increase in deaths. 

As work goes, we will still have masking in place.  Actually, I'm ok with that. 

Song by: Neil Young


James Dwight Williamson said...

I live in the shitshow of States, Florida. Everything is falling apart here, Mask wise at least. The FDA-could simplify things and approve all the Covid 19 vaccines on a final basis. This would allow the military and the majority of businesses leverage on vaccine requirements, even if just for new hires in business. I laugh out loud and know we will probably wear a mask through the summer. We shop at two grocery stores , Publix, in the same chain, one closer one with a better assortment and foods. One Manager is still wearing a Mask 24 -7 and the other is not. I guess , the thing making me laugh or be angry, is that our stores are saying wear a mask if you aren’t vaccinated. So We in my household that are vaccinated and mask wearing, will appear to be the unwashed, LMFAO!

Ur-spo said...

I am keeping mine on for some time now into the future.