Monday, June 28, 2021

My Music Monday

I'm considering the My Music Monday approach as picking one of the previous week's post titles and using that as the selection. 

It's really just a thought - and a little limiting when it comes to new music etc.  Maybe on those weeks when I truly don't have a song selected (like today!) I can use that method rather than the iPod Shuffle shuffle. 

And actually, even today is a variation of my thought on song selection. 

With yesterday's post, I used "Run Baby Run" by Garbage, but any other number of artists have a song with the same title.  Sheryl Crow and Southern Culture on the Skids both came immediately to mind when I opted to use the title. 

For whatever reason, I selected Garbage as the artist. 

Today, I'm using the title "Run Baby Run" but with Southern Culture on the Skids. It's actually a new song, though the band has been around forever!!!   Ok, since the early 80s.

We (my closest friends) have had a misnomer about their album Liquored Up; Lacquered Down.  Somehow it became - in our heads - Liquor in the Front; Gamblin' Out Back.  Think about it. Think about it.......

Anyway, this is a fun song. It's the best way to describe it. 

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