Wednesday, June 30, 2021


I thought I'd wait till the last day of Pride month to know.......Pride.  

And why not do it in a way that makes us feel bad about ourselves, our lives and our choices? 

I hope women know that it's just Barbie and the likes that provide unrealistic body issues. 

Gay men and gay advertising are all about zero percent body fat and 8-packs (because 6 just isn't enough). The only thing that takes more work than looking like is snagging a guy (or snogging!) that looks like that. 

I mean if he begged asked, I probably wouldn't say 'no'. 


I think most Pride events were cancelled or scaled way back this year - like last. I don't think Cleveburgh had anything, at least that.I heard about, but I'm hardly the one in the know. 

I hope everyone had a something of which to be Proud. I have not. At least knowingly. Or on purpose. Or that I can remember.'s been that kind of month. 

Song by: Robert Palmer


wcs said...

Someone should tell him that the belt is meant to be worn at the waist, inside those little loops. Unless thigh belts are a thing now.

James Dwight Williamson said...

I’m not sure why there is no joy in your part of Cleveland, but I’m sorry. There are a lot of guys who look like the flag bearer, but just like porn stars and gymnasts a lot of them are not extremely tall. Short people build better bodies more easily and look more endowed. The thing to be proud of is so many of us love different things. Some love family and home and pets and husbands. Some love having a killer body and at their tender age show the dedication to do the reps and eat perfectly . Some genetically are predisposed to good and bad things. What I’m most proud of is the longer I live the more we as a community are beginning to love ourselves, no matter what. Another thing I’ve learned , is if that model was straight and a sponsor paid him to pose , these days he wouldn’t run or turn it down because of what his friends would think or what it would do to his career. Gays are short , tall ,fat, skinny , gorgeous, plain , hung , not hung. But we are here, we are queer and we’re not going to be bullied. Here today and every day to stay!!! Thank you for a platform to say what I’m proud of. Now I can start to practice for Thanksgiving!