Monday, June 07, 2021

My Music Monday

You won't find this hard to believe - I think. But weekly, I have multiple selections for My Music Monday. 

Something comes across (that's what she said!) my iPhone or XM radio and I think, "I must use that". Two songs later, whatever thought I had in my head was gone.

I don't write this stuff down or ask Siri to leave me a reminder. ("Siri, remind me to have you remind me to do that.")

So, I had 2-3 songs I considered at some point in the last week - damn if I know what they were. 

You get what you get - and you might be surprised. In a way, I wish I didn't have to say who the artist was, or that the name didn't display in the video, because honestly, when I heard the song, I had zero idea who it was - and it would have taken me months of guessing before getting it right. 

Rick. Astley. 

Yes.  You read that correctly. Rick Fucking Astley. 

I was never a fan of his 2-3 songs. As it turns out, he is STILL making music. "Unwanted" is just from a month ago and I heard it playing through 710's Apple Music for new songs. 

Don't get me wrong, it is not the end-all, be-all of music. It's not quite dance, but I could certainly hear it being played at a gay bar, while I sat on a patio of said bar and just drank. 

If the YouTube page is correct, "Unwanted" is the theme song to his podcast. 

So, it is official - everyone but me has one of those. 


rebecca said...

But WTH has happened to his voice?

Raybeard said...

I too would never have imagined that that was him singing, sounding [with more than a little techno help?] younger than he did with his breakthrough 'Never Gonna Give You Up' in '87. Had to look up his present age - now 55. I shouldn't be surprised if he sounds even younger after a further 24 years.