Friday, June 18, 2021


Here we go. Dogs and cat.  Singular. I only have one of Sophie this week, so apologies to you feline folks. 

Shep and his handler. 

...another walk-on role. No starring scenes for Shep..........again.  Rude!

Bailey being coy. 

15+ year old little girl. 

Wade Lagoon  - at the Cleveland Museum of Art

Morty made a new friend at the Miami Airport with Diesel, a luggage sniffer.

Shep and cousin Bailey at Bow Wow Beach. 
Shep went in just a little too far and actually had to swim. We. Were. Thrilled. 
......but after that, he was careful how he went into the water. 

Song by: Miles Davis


James Dwight Williamson said...

Shep is a sweetie! Museum of Art, Swimming , Just a regular Bon Vivant!

Bob said...

Bailey under the chair. The perks of being a small dog.

Raybeard said...

Hard choice for this week's 'prize' but I think it must go to, in your second pic, the little grey doggie on the right. for such a captivating, wide, winning 'grin'. But as I say, it's only for one week only.

Travel said...

Picture 3, Bailey peeking out from under a chair is my pick of the week