Friday, June 04, 2021

I Got Nothing

It is 20:40 and I'm dozing off already.  .....and I've had no booze, so you can stop thinking that. 

The problem with four day weeks is I still have five days of work. It just gets crammed in to those four days. My work days have been long and problematic. 

I have barely seen any news, so can't even comment on anything that isn't a 12 year old and 14 year old breaking into a house, gathering semi-automatic weapons, then start shooting at police. Oh Florida, you never disappoint. 

Anyhoo. I'm going try to stay awake for at least 20 minutes, so I'm not old-fogey-ey enough to actually got to bed before 21:00.  ....that's just be sad. 

Come back tomorrow for cat and dog pics !!!

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