Monday, June 14, 2021

My Music Monday

Lindsey Buckingham has a "new" song out. And a new album on the way.  The same day (or subsequent one) as the music media launch, he announced his impending divorce. 

The poor guy - every headline had some iteration of "go your own way".  He had to see that coming. 

I say his song is "new" because this album was supposed to be released before Fleetwood Mac's last tour started (2018). He asked for a delay on that tour for the disk to be released.  Instead he was fired from the band - and no disk ever materialized. 

Three years later - it's on the horizon, for better or worse. 

Buckingham has always had a problem with most of this solo work. Even for him, it's a little self-indulgent. And say what you want about his almost solo work with his former band, he probably had to pull back a bit to work somewhat with the other members. 

But "I Don't Mind" has an airy feel, much like a lot of what he's put out in the last 15 years. A lot of style, little substance. It was great to real hear him hit the guitar in the Killers' "Caution" earlier this year, but just a lot of finger picking here.  It's artistic and skilled for sure - as he is an incredible guitarist - but it just kind of lacks. 

The partial (?) / pseudo (?) autotune doesn't help matters - and on the main vocals, it's almost expected on his ever experimental backing one. He did this with his disk with Christine McVie back in 2017. 

I want to like his solo work more than I do, but he's gotta meet me halfway. 

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