Friday, May 07, 2021


I am no fan of Liz Cheney.  I'm not sure anyone is in that club. Family included. 

In an(y) alternate universe, I'd be ok with anyone taking any power or job away from anything / anyone with her surname. But in our current world I'm as surprised as anyone that I'm kind of / sort of in her corner. 

I know, right? 

The GOP wants her out of power. They really want her out of a job. But they'll settle for her losing her committees and ranking in the House.   

And why???

She had the nerve to vote for impeachment on BLOTUS. The second impeachment that is - the one where he attempted and encouraged a coup and to overthrow the U.S. government. And she was the highest ranking republican House member to do so.  Naturally, she's being punished for this action. 

The other perspective is:  punish the people who opposed physically overthrowing the government, which resulted in a number of deaths and suicides.  AND THEY ATTEMPTED TO OVERTHROW THE GOVERNMENT. 

Which apparently is an ok thing to do - and not just for the GOP.  But yeah, the GOP is clearly on the BLOTUS side of things - STILL. Instead of just saying, "hey, six of our folks made the right call and we'll let them cover for the 300 others of us who did nothing.....", they're actively attempting to overthrow them as well. 

And while the GOP is clearly wrong, I still blame Pelosi.  Four months to the day from "the event" and not a thing has been done. No one held accountable, even with a bit of evidence of House members possibly (read: probably) helping in the matter. The Senate and their GOP and Democratic leadership is just as guilty. 

So Cheney's fate is sealed. There is no one to come to her defense. And no lack of shame on those going against her. 

Four months later, it is like the event never took place, so no one remembers (or cares) why this is happening now. 

BTW - this is why fuckheads like Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham get re-elected. This is totally on us. 

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James Dwight Williamson said...

I have to assume the Justice Dept and Merrick Garland, have a Master Plan and that it will manifest itself soon. I personally don’t blame Pelosi for anything yet, as ,she has no prosecutorial power. BLOTUS -former guy- is using Cheney as a unifier and a fund raiser, their modus operandi, is United in Hate. If we don’t have massive indictments and trials by Labor Day I’ll be disappointed!