Monday, May 31, 2021

My Music Monday

Duran Duran (but say it like a Brit might and use more J than D) is back with a new song and soon to be new album. 

"Invisible" is the song.  And it's not bad. It's nothing groundbreaking for sure, but for a band that is now 40+ years old, that is kind of cool. 

Bands from the 80s, while not prolific are either still around or making modest comebacks (i.e. Psychedelic Furs), and not as nostalgia acts (i.e. just greatest hits tours).  And most of them are doing it without embarrassment or embarrassing moments. 

Duran Duran was pivotal - not necessarily for me - in music delivery. Yes, MTV had been around for a few years before the band broke big, but both the band and the station broke big due to "Hungry Like the Wolf" - and then "Rio"........and then.........and then...........and then.............

Yes, they were a band of boys - as opposed to a boy band - who happened to play catchy pop music and be cute-ish.  I mean, not Nick Rhodes. He was creepy then and this video, even in an altered state, does nothing to quell that 40 years later. 

The song is most likely produced by Erol Alkan, who remixed songs by the Killers and New Order. But Mark Ronson and Gorgio Moroder have producing credits on the full album too, so hard to say whose fingers are where. 

The video is meh. Kind of creepy, like some of the guy's mouths are wired shut and that Simon has been beaten up - especially in the eye area. But it's not 1981 anymore and the boys are men - in their 60s (for the most part), and MTV isn't really a thing. So.......onward and upward. 

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