Friday, May 21, 2021

the Other Me

Anyone who knows me, wouldn't call me a 'silver lining' kind of guy. 

So no one was more surprised than myself when yesterday I was kind of that guy.  .....thought a little background first. 

My "illness" the other day wasn't gummy-related or even food borne.  I know this because 710 and I didn't eat the same thing and yesterday morning he had what I had - just about five times worse. So I'm going with something bacterial or viral. 

As he got ill after I left for work, I finished my first morning meeting and left the office and worked the rest of the day from home, while tending to his needs. 

I got a text from a friend asking how he was, and I told them. I got a return reply: "I think you guys deserve a break one of these days". 

My reply was quick and simple:  "in a year of Covid, I'm ok with this being the extent of our illnesses". 

See?  Silver fucking lining. 

What / Who am I turning into?  

Song by: Paul McCartney


Travel said...

You have a heart, Shep knows that,

James Dwight Williamson said...

I think leaving work and going home ,was sweet, since if it’s not food related probably means you caught it outside the house. The fact he got it five times worse than you , means you were an impartial observer to his pain and discomfort. I think you are lucky to have him , and you both are lucky, that a stomach virus for a week ,is all you’ve had. Wash your hands and put your mask on. I think Sophie had a hand in all this!

anne marie in philly said...

hope you two feel better soon! stomach bugs are no fun.

Anonymous said...

Honorable Mention for the Little Miss Mary Sunshine Award.

Chris Farnell said...

Feel better, and stay safe. Keep on blogging! :)

Rachael Thomas Dublin said...

Hope you are well, feel better nd keep safe!