Monday, May 24, 2021

My Music Monday

I am about 43% sure some people are aware that there as a Fleetwood Mac before Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham. Less probably know Christine McVie wasn't always there.  The band had been around about eight years and at least six guitarists before Buckingham. 

They were also a blues band. Less so with McVie's inclusion. Lesser so still with Welch. And not at all with Buckingham and Nicks.  Most iterations of the band had some good material - and you know "Black Magic Woman" wasn't originally a Santana song, right? 

I'm not biggily into "the blues", but so much music has its roots based in the blues, it is impossible to escape on some level (not that I am looking to escape them). 

Elmore James wrote "Got to Move" back in 1960(?). Fleetwood Mac recorded it in 1968, with Jeremy Spencer as the lead guitarist and vocalist on the track. And honestly, no one can sing the word "yeah" l like Spencer (who abruptly would leave the band to join a cult - Children of G-d three years after this recording).

Mind you - the song was written in 1960 and there was not much enlightenment about or for women, so the whole, cook, clean, sew and scrub the floor thing is cringeworthy, but the tune and delivery itself is spot on. 

In other / live versions, Spencer sings "I got to move", instead of this one where he says "you got to move".  So basically, he leaves instead of kicking the woman out. 

Sorry about the video.  The audio is superior on this clip, but it's begins to look like a cheesy lite-porn commercial for Kohler.

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