Sunday, May 16, 2021

a Face in the Crowd

I don't know what to think about the mask / no mask situation. 

Well, that's kind of a lie. I just have a lot of thoughts. Perhaps, too many. 

On one hand, there is a sense of normalcy with relaxing the restrictions. But on the other hand, only 36% of those eligible to receive the vaccine has taken fully vaccinated. 47% (or another 11%)  have taken only one one of their doses........and numbers are on the rise for those who are opting out of dose #2. 

36% - even 47% - is a LONG way off from herd immunity. 

The joke is, of course, that unvaccinated people should still be wearing masks. That assumes they had been - and you know they haven't. Look at their voter registration, or if they have hefty bags full of gasoline in the backs of their car. 

Beside the inevitable increase in infections coming our way, it is the nightmare of retail that is going to be horrid. Worse than it has been for the last year +. 

There will be establishments that are still going to require the wearing of masks. If we thought the Karen's of the world were apoplectic while wearing to have to wear masks during lockdown times - just. you. wait.  It is going to be bad. 

I have eagerly awaited some direction from work, but I don't expect it to change at all. Not now. Not yet. The docs who work for me tell me regardless of the hospital policy, they'll continue to wear masks during patient visits. Good for them. 

I'm more comfortable outside without them - within reason. I still carry, and plan to, a mask with me that I will need to slip on as others are around. 

Early June, in Ohio, there are no limits on capacity for places of eat and drink. Those restrictions are all being lifted. The number of Covid cases in our state aren't really falling - they're holding steady between 1,100 - 1,400 per day.  When they did hit 700+ the other day the media was happy to say 'they were cut in half!'.  The next day they said, 'cases are at 1400'.  They never say 'they doubled!!!'. 

We are our own worst enemy. I assume we will continue to be.  

Song by: Tom Petty  (no Heartbreakers)


James Dwight Williamson said...

It’s my understanding the CDC opened Pandora’s Box and couldn’t walk it back thirty minutes later when they realized what they had done.
I guess I’m gonna get ready to fight, because we will wear our Masks when we go into any retail situation , regardless of their policy, and by their fiat we will appear to be the unvaccinated. That’s Rich and mind boggling , I’m so disappointed at present!

Bob said...

We have Prick #2 this week, and I will still be masking in public, enclosed spaces for a while.
Outside, I'll see what things look like.

Ur-spo said...

I am keeping my mask on for now.