Thursday, May 20, 2021

Patterns of Fairytales

There is something to be said for restraint. 

I don't know what that something is, but........I'm sure it is very insightful. 

When in Provincetown, after our first night and we broke up after dinner, I passed a gallery on Commercial St.. By my best guestimate is that there are 18,301 galleries in P-town. There might be great art out there, but who has the time? 

Anyhooo......I was quite taken by this piece that was in a window on my walk home. Art I'm drawn to is like pornography - I'll know it when I see it. 

But I never took an art history class, so I don't know what to call this:  abstract?  funfetti? 

$1800 seemed somewhat reasonable. I mean, I have no way to judge what art is worth, just if I like it. And it should be stated this viewing was after a $200+ happy hour bill and then dinner and more drinks. I guess I should have been grateful the gallery was closed at this time of night. 

The next day, I went back to look at it in the daylight,.  .....and sober. Good thing. That 1 had turned into a 3 in the light of day. I still liked the piece a lot, just not sure if I $3800 liked it. 

I also liked a glass one too - and that's not what I would call a medium to which I am drawn.  Pun fully intended.

It was more expensive than the purple one.  But man, I like it. If 4,000 of my regular readers would like to chip in $1.00 a piece, I can get it. Just let me know when to set up the gofundme page. 

Fast forward two nights - friends Mike and Peter fed me dinner and got me drunk!  Oh ok - I might have brought the wine! As they didn't offer to drive me home or call and Uber, I schlepped up Commercial St. only to be drawn to yet another closed gallery.  

I saw a piece on a wall perpendicular to where I was standing, so nothing head on, but yet I was intrigued. The next day I dragged Morty and George with me to see it in person. A sober person, the night before, would have noticed the gallery is only open on weekends.  I was not that person. 

As it turns out, the sun was hitting the windows in such a way you could not see the painting at all. Bother! At least we got our steps in. 

After I was back home, I went on line, dug through all of Alden Gallery's artists and found the artist and the piece of work. Cleared it with the better half - and yesterday it arrived.

It is titled 'Holding Pattern'. 

Truth be told, it was the reddish-orange square that drew me in initially. But now that I have it, I really like it - and more importantly, so does 710, since he didn't get to see it at all. 

We're not sure exactly where it will reside, but I have my idea. We shall see. 

.....just an FYI, the original two pieces are still high on my 'would like' list. I just don't know I'll pull that trigger.....or a bank robbery to get them.............or that gofundme page. 

Song by: the National


James Dwight Williamson said...

Art is really kind of a personal thing! The piece you bought is the smart piece, goes everywhere but, most importantly you like it. The first piece to me looks like carpet padding. The middle piece with the green and the posts is my favorite. I’ll send you a dollar anytime . You really are a busy guy on vacation. Wish 710 could have gone as well.

Travel said...

Like! It says a lot without screaming

Concept Capital Group said...

Love everything! Thanks for sharing them.

Davey Bacaron Designs said...

Love these patterns! Thanks for sharing them to us!