Saturday, May 01, 2021

Beauty and the Beast

Good stuff - and not all are mine. The pics are, the animals, not so much. 

Forget 'dog on a log'. Shep is all about the leap over - dragging poor 710 along. 

Stripey McBrownerson taking a siesta. 

Wally - my sister's cat.  He's friendly, but didn't really want to be around. 

Rusty.  He stopped to listen to Shep bark at him through the window.  He was unfazed. 

Shep chilling on our Saturday drive. He is one cool customer. 

It was our first trip to Bow Wow Beach this season. 
He was the only one to go in the water. 

Bailey - at my sister's house. 



She LOVES this ball thingy, but she's not great about giving it up. Even though she knows we will throw it for her. 

We both went for it off the floor at the same time. She has got razor sharp I found out. 

Song by: Stevie Nicks


Old Lurker said...

Get him, Bailey! Defend your property!

James Dwight Williamson said...

Sheps steeplechase adventure and Shep bilateral snuggler

Anonymous said...

Bailey is very cute but Sophie still rules.

Travel said...

Weekly dose of furry cuteness.

anne marie in philly said...

look at all the cute faces.
bailey's teeth DO look sharp.
I don't think I have seen wally before.

Bob said...

Leaping Shep!