Thursday, May 27, 2021

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First off, can we just chuckle that this name is trademarked?  


Now that I say it aloud, it is supposed to be my Maximillian?  Yes, everyone is clamouring to steal that name.  <insert>eyerollemoji</insert>. 

Why yes, I can write in HTML.......thank you for noticing. 

Like the rest of the nation, Ohio has plateaued at giving vaccinations. One of my office sites had 500-700 people a day coming to get them. Now we limit clinics to 1-2 partial days per week as the needs is less and less to staff such an operation. 

So the governor has decided to play lotto for us. Well, he's the lotto commissioner. We, the people, are the bettors. 

IF you have been vaccinated (or partially so), you are eligible for 1 of 5 drawings for........and say it like Dr. Evil: "one MILLION dollars!"

If you're a teen, you can be in five drawings for having your college tuition paid at an in-state Ohio university - including room, board and books!  I mean, they REALLY get you on the books, right?   Oh SBX - you never made it worth my while to try to sell those back. 

So, once a week, for five weeks (yesterday was the first drawing), there will be a drawing to see who wins a cool million. 

The odds are in your favour - and the state's. 

For you - your ratio of winning is better than Powerball or Megamillions, but the pay off isn't as much. But allegedly it's better than those scratch-off big winner tickets too. I have a 1 in 2.7 million chance x 5. 

Your chances of getting struck by lightening are still greater. don't buy anything or pay for a ticket. You get a potential life saving (for you and others with whom you might come in contact) shot. 

And you get five chances with that Covid Passport card - and yes, you will have to produce it to claim your winnings. 

For the state - they get more people incentivized to get vaccinated. Not that they are - exactly. 

In the deep conservative areas, where vaccinations stalled at 15%, they're not going any higher. In some of the greater minority population areas, there has been a decent increase in getting the shot. This could be more of a socio-economic issue / solution than it is an epiphany for the minority community - which has been disenfranchised from the vaccine distribution. 

For the record - I did not win Week 1. 

Four more to go!

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James Dwight Williamson said...

I think money talks, I don’t know how many people DeWine hopes to vaccinate but , the more bodies in the pokey chair the better. I can’t say
That This is wrong , the FDA has sufficient numbers to give Final approval to The Vaccine, thereby making them mandatory and opening a whole nother patient base. But they don’t, just like IMHO the head of the CDC is premature unmasking!