Thursday, September 27, 2018

No Distraction

Who the fuck could stomach listening to BLOTUS speak about BLOTUS for 90 minutes?  I couldn't do it for 90 seconds (and haven't!).   ....and I'm not even talking "in a row".

Of course, my first question was:  "why a press conference?  why now?"

Naturally, one needn't look too far, or have a psychology degree, to figure this all out:  Thursday,

Kavanaugh. Rosenstein.   ....and I'm sure there is hopeful misdirection of his UN stand-up routine.

Some say, the Rosenstein meeting is a distraction from Kavanaugh. I wouldn't put it past the administration. All of this is distracting from the fact that McConnell is pushing for a confirmation vote on Friday.

But today is an apex of this term - for the president and the country. It might be his peak, but our ultimate decline.  Kavanaugh could be in for life (not behind bars, but the bench), and if Rosenstein goes, so might the Mueller investigation.

All of this is distracting from the mid-terms.

I'm not a firm believer in that constituents can get their elected officials to do anything said constituents want / wanted in the first place. It's the great mind-fuck of politics. It's how their voted into office, yet no one votes them out for doing their own thing.

So no. I don't think calling Rob Portman's office is gonna do a fuck of a thing to change his vote. Fuck - he introduced the SCOTUS nominee to the congressional committee.  And no, I don't sign petitions to have Kavanaugh removed from the list...........because that's not how this works. 

Let's face it, if anyone - any fucking one of them - can't stand up to BLOTUS by this point, after all this last 20 months has brought us, it's not happening.  Ever.

So have at it Secret Service, I'm just hoping BLOTUS takes in a play at Ford's Theatre.

All eyes tuned in today.  ....and I have budget meetings all day.  That be my saving grace.

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