Wednesday, September 26, 2018


Sorry.  No post.

Work has got me by the short hairs, it seems.  ....and not in that good way.  Yesterday was 11.5 hours at the office and then another 2.5 after I got home.

I'm thinking being an analyst, where I just play with spreadsheets and not see, hear or talk to people, would be a dream job.

I am tired of Kavanaugh talk. 

I heard BLOTUS got laughed at, whilst at the UN.  I'm sure he thought it was with him. I haven't heard the particulars, as that would force me to read an article on him, as I won't ever click on a clip of him. There too much hearing him talk that way.

I heard Bill Cosby got three years. That it aligns with Kavanaugh, well.......irony. Kavanaugh {allegedly}, O'Reilly.....BLOTUS.....Ailes......Louis CK.......{none, allegedly} the hook in terms of criminal justice and jail time.  Oh - and they're all white.   Ditto with 1,359 priests.

I'm off today. Kind of.  I'll do some work and join some calls, but I'm escorting my mother to some doctor's appointments. I love getting to quiz doctors on their outcomes. There's only one thing worse than a well-informed patient; a patient's well-informed testy son.   Hehe....I said testy.

Wow. I had more of a post than I imagined.  I'm no longer sorry.

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Raybeard said...

Yes, the BOG - or Big Orange Genius - took the U.N. laughter at him as an affable 'pat on the back', failing to see the scoffing of disbelief behind the absurdity of his claim. As ever, the world for him consists in only what he wants it to be.

anne marie in philly said...

yeah the dump got laughed AT, then said he "meant to do that".

cosby was sentenced in a courtroom only 2 miles from my house - the news helicopters buzzing around were a PITA! 3-10 years for the black guy.

Deedles said...

Sorry, not sorry, huh? You really can't take a break from posting, can you?

Blobby said...

I really can't.