Monday, September 03, 2018

My Music Monday

These last few weeks, I've been all about Leonard Cohen's "You Want it Darker", from his final album of the same name.

From previous posts, you probably know I'm not a fan of Cohen's vocals. His writing is usually on point, but he's not what I'd call an easiest vocalist.  In this song, he talks. Just talks.

"You Want it Darker", is a tip of his hat to the end of his life. Cohen had to know the end  to his life was near, so his statement, "I'm ready, my lord" has a more profound meaning.

The album version is fine and good, but there is a "live" version out there, that I really like. It's still talking, but now there's a choir and cantor.

The attached version is the best I could find.

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Harry Hamid said...

He didn't have this type of vocals until about 1979. If you listen to any of his stuff from before that, it's a little easier to take...

I'm a big fan of "difficult" vocalists, but Cohen has always been someone I couldn't get into. in particular his "The Future"/"I'm Your Man" phase sounded like it was played on Casio keyboards that didn't fit the lyrics at all.

Great lyrics, though.

The fact that they sank the vocals into interesting music here makes this go down easier. It's a good song. Good find!