Thursday, September 20, 2018

Down on My Knees

You know, there was somethings you can't post on Facebook, just because of known comments.  Sure, I get there here too, but people who aren't you can see the FB ones and my "friends" won't be kind, caring less who will see what.

So if I were to say, oh, "I hurt my knee", I wouldn't even get Colin Kaepernick comments. No, I'd get ones about that I shouldn't be on my knees so often or for extended periods of time. Or, I'm surprised it's taken this long.

Whether that is true or not - and I'm not saying either way - do I really want my cousins or former co-workers to see such fodder?  Je think not.

....and since I've already stolen your thunder, I won't be seeing much of it in the comments section here. it turns out, while taking Shep on an outing to the lake this last Sunday, Blobby and 710 thought it a good idea to venture down this path to right at the water, where these huge ass rocks and cement platforms are.

The best case scenario is that I went first. Clearly at the edge of said platform, where the water lapped, there was seaweed and I new it would be slick.  I got nowhere near it. I never got the chance.

It turns out the ceee-ment was just as slick. Blobby went down on his ass. Hard.

At that very moment, the only thing truly hurt was my pride. My shorts looked and felt like I should be a Depends spokesperson.  ....the 'before' spokesperson, if I may clarify.   The gentlemen fishing came over to see if I was ok and said no one should ever go down 'there'. 

Yeah.  I know that.................NOW!

I know they were being helpful, but again, that pride thing.

Yes, I felt a twinge in my right knee, but nothing major.  After sitting and regaining my composure and balance, we went back to the park area and walked. All was fine.  Well, except my psyche. I kept replaying in my head if 710 and Shep had led. In my pea-brained head, I kept freaking out over 'what if'.  I still am, actually.

So we finished our walk, went to the pet store (again) and then home. I went upstairs to shower and then just out of 'what if', grabbed a bag of ice and iced my knee. No biggie. Right?


Somewhere in the middle of the night and I went to roll over. I internally cried out in pain. Much like Dr Smith might have. But in my head, as to not wake anyone.  A few hours later, I was to get out of bed to walk Shep. I just wasn't sure I could - maneuver out of bed, let alone go downstairs, outside and around the block.

710 must have been silently listening to my struggle, as he asked if I wanted him to take out Shep. I powered through - but told him if I wasn't home in 20 minutes to come and find me. I'm 93% sure he went right back to sleep.

Icing and neproxin did nothing.

So, long story long, I went back to my key-ute ortho guy on Tuesday. I'm fine. Or will be. No visible swelling, or bruising. I have internal inflammation and will for weeks. As long as I keep moving the pain in minimal. It's when I'm immobile or sleeping that I end up back in major pain (not Mayor Payne - the movie).

The best part of this was - and yes, there is a best part - was I was on the exam table and Dr. Straight McDreamy was manipulating leg, he says to me, he say:  "nice boots.  what kind are they?"  Before I even had a chance to respond, he moves my leg in such a fashion that he can see from the sole that they're Kenneth Cole.

I love that he's like 9% gay. 

Song by: Trisha Yearwood


wcs said...

Nine percent? For boots? I'd think they'd be worth at least 12%.

Travel said...

Ouch, keep moving, stay off the rocks. Stay off your _____, won't go there.

anne marie in philly said...

OMB, at least nothing is broken! good thing 710 was with you when you fell. can you make up excuses to go get "manipulated" by the dreamy MD?

Morty said...

Only one knee? You must be leaning to one side whilst going down on all those guys at the greyhound station bathroom.

JP said...

I’d sue.

Blobby said...

Oh Morty - you never disappoint