Saturday, September 29, 2018


Not horrible pics for such an incredibly busy week.

07:15 and my mother comes to the door.  Shep was beside himself. He loves her so much. 
He's half her weight, so she is no match for his kisses. 

Taking in the first day of Autumn down at the lake. 

Sophie is fine sharing the chair. 
It's just the tail that whaps her over and over. He has no idea he's doing it........or does he?

David trying to buy Shep's love.  It's working. 

Shep trying to get my mother's attention. 

See?  Sleeping buddies.  Kind of. 

Song by: Bad Company


Raybeard said...

It's clear that smiley face produces a contagion of happiness to all who witness it - though it's hard to tell exactly what Queen Sophie thinks.

anne marie in philly said...

your mom is a pretty woman. has sophie ever tried to grab shep's tail? I like the lake pix this week.

Bob said...

I love the ones with Shep and Mom!

Deedles said...

You have your mother's profile. It is impossible for Shep to take a bad picture (yeah, I know, he's a dog and can't hold a camera). Sophie being Sophie always makes me smile.