Friday, August 10, 2018


You know - there are sometimes even friends annoy me.'s true.  (Not you, Morty!)

The statement they posted on FB is just so.........wrong.

I get the poster is a democrat.  I get it he has a problem with people voting for someone else, but I've said it here before, how I choose to vote is none of your business. And vice versa. I don't have to be happy about it for sure (nor does he) but.......really?

Get off the people who vote 3rd party.

What he's saying is:  vote for the least objectionable party.

I mean, isn't that the gist? Naturally there is a flaw to that theory:  which candidate is last objectionable, and to whom?  He's assuming everyone is like-minded. They aren't.

And for the 42,984 times - the folks who voted 3rd part in 2016 got to exercise their right to vote and it didn't stop BLOTUS from winning, but it didn't cause him to win.   Clinton got more votes and still lost.

Still, the idea that voting for the guy you hate least is just a horrible solution. I have no qualms about voting for Bernie in the primary. The democrats shut him out and down. They are as much to blame about pushing the only two party system as the GOP.   They're tactics are shitty and ineffective.

In a later post, the same person goes on to disparage anyone who is pro-Bernie, saying he's too old and feeble to be president and that Bernie and his supporters should just go away.

The irony is:  these folks are the same ones who truly agree with the idea of his plans for healthcare, education, economics.  When it comes down to it, they just don't like him.

But the idea of cultivating a third party where there needs to be a congressional bloc before you would ever consider running a presidential candidate.  That just smacks of the same shit we get from the current two parties.

These folks claim to want change, but in very narrow and specific terms.

It all sounds like belly-aching over something that happened almost two years ago.  Move on. Be the change, but stop bitching about it.

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Ur-spo said...

My beef with the third party types is they start at the wrong end. Only time I hear from them is when one wants to run for president. Wrong way. Start local - show me you can win - and run - a city or a state first then I will vote for you in the presidency.