Saturday, August 18, 2018


You know, if I had to use film and develop these pics, I could never ever ever afford to do this. 

Food for thought.

I'm assuming he's just blowing raspberries at me.  Story of my life. 

If he gets to bed first - he always takes my side. 

Honestly, I'm to sure he cares Sophie is there.  I'm not even sure he knows she's there. 
The poor girl gets whapped by his tail daily. 

Well visit at the Vets, but why not check stuff out - especially the cat books. 

He chased her and she came right back at him.  Good Sophie. 

710's even better birthday portrait of Shep. 

Song by: Art of Noise


Raybeard said...

Wherever he is, he's the boss, and makes sure that all know it - except for good ol' Sophie standing up to him, when he's not so sure.

anne marie in philly said...

I like 710's other birthday pix better. sophie is the queen who must be obeyed!

Bob said...

He might be bigger,but she's got attitude!