Thursday, August 16, 2018


Today is Shep's 3rd birthday.  I'd say we'd celebrate today, but we celebrate every day.  He lives a pretty charmed life, If I say so myself.              .....and I do.

710 took this amazing pic of him this last Sunday while I was out and texted it to me.  He didn't even use Portrait mode.

....and yes, Shep is wet, having just come from the brook.

So happy birthday to my little man!

Song by: Kings of Leon


wcs said...

Happy birthday to Shep!

Raybeard said...

Many happy returns to the lovely lad. You give us more joy than you can possibly know.

Bob said...

He's looking good at #!
Happy happy, Shep!

Happyman said...

He's a handsome one. Happy 3rd birthday, Shep!

anne marie in philly said...

3 years old! and such a handsome portrait of the birthday boy!

Juan said...

Shep looks so stately! Shep wears his dignity!

Anonymous said...

Shep has quite the handsome, noble look.

Whether by photo or in person, he brings joy to all who encounter him.

Happy birthday, dude... and many, many more.