Wednesday, August 01, 2018

Get Off of My Cloud

Vacation is over and it was a hard-landing back at work.

200+ emails on Monday.  Not the catch-up emails from the other days. Just Monday.  I left my desk to pee and grab fud.

But enough about that.

Vacation was great. Once I totally unplugged, it was grand.

The house we rented - right at the shore - was great. Beautifully done and nice details, but very comfortable.

We had a lower porch and one off the master bedroom. Both, it turns out, were good for sitting and drinking wine, though we preferred the upper one better.

It also turns out, I could just stare at the surf and horizon all day long. Hour by hour, the sea changes. Relaxation ensues and a zen-like presence takes over.

There were many discussions on what retirement might look like, even though we are a few years off. DC has always been high on the list, but we are thinking the shore might be the way. It would be a lot easier had I won that $533MM lotto. Alas, I did not.

It rained every day. Almost always at night. Almost always extremely strong storms. Lots of lightening, high winds and voluminous thunder. Day one, the lightening woke me up though my closed eyes, but it was the swaying of the house, ever so slightly that left me awake.  710 slept through the entire thing.

Days almost always cleared up, with sun and clouds. Lots of clouds. My entire photo-taking of vacation is cloud-based. On purpose. My InstaGram is mainly cloud work too.  It's a thing, it seems. With me, anyways.

There were rip currents daily. Red flags the entire time warning folks not to go in the water. We swam every single day, albeit in front of a lifeguard, in case I succumbed to the call of the siren.  One day there were 13 rescues and one drowning, and an additional drowning earlier in the week. We played it safe.

But walking was the thing. On the beach, up to 10 miles daily. My feet are still sore, but I couldn't change it for a thing.

We had gotten my sister-in-law down to stay with us for a few days. Apparently she is still raving about being at the beach the first time in over a decade. We wanted her to stay longer, but she could not.

Food was unremarkable. Some just 'ok' dinners. All other meals we at the house, which was great and convenient. And best yet, I think the tv went on three brief times.

While work has been harsh these last two days, oddly, the glow of vacation has not worn off. I'm actually basking in the possibilities of retirement.

Song by: the Rolling Stones

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anne marie in philly said...

planning ahead...drinking tv..salt air...the only things missing were shep and sophie.